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  1. A Real Estate Investing Guide
  2. Is Buying Real Estate a Good Investment?
  3. Points to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate
  4. Value Investing in Real Estate

Many financial experts warn against borrowing money to purchase investments. You should consider this before you purchase a piece of investment real estate. Think about it: With renters, there can be high turnover.

A Real Estate Investing Guide

You may also experience a time where you have no renters at all for the property. When purchasing real estate for investment purposes, you need to consider the cost of taxes, utilities, upkeep, and repairs. Often it is easier to go through a rental company and have them handle things like repairs and rent collection.

While this will cost money, it will help ease the burden of owning a rental property. You need to price your rental property so that all of these fees and other expenses are fully covered. Additionally, you should take the first few months of surplus money and set it aside to cover the cost of repairs on the property.

You should also be prepared to deal with additional costs and other situations as they arise, perhaps with a sinking fund for the property. If you are purchasing land that you plan to sell at a later date, you need to research the land deed thoroughly.

Is Buying Real Estate a Good Investment?

Find out if any new roads are planned close to the land you purchase and consider how that will affect the property value. Value-Add vs. Other Approaches. Private real estate investments are often grouped into one of four broad categories:. The properties generally do not require significant enhancement or renovation. Value Add: This is thought to be a medium to high risk strategy generally involving making relatively significant improvements to a property so that the market will assign a higher value to it.

Properties are considered candidates for a value-add strategy when they exhibit management or operational problems, require physical improvement, or suffer from capital constraints. This approach may offer medium to high potential returns.

Points to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

The Risks of Value-Add. A value-add strategy is distinguishable from other real estate investment strategies in that it relies on relatively greater leverage, increased reliance on renovation or development, and a focus on secondary markets. The increased risk attributed to value-add properties is often caused by the construction risk associated with such properties.

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Light renovations can include property enlargement, capital improvements e. More significant redevelopment efforts can include a major overhaul of the property or its conversion into a different use e. There is also some re-tenanting risk. Re-tenanting opportunities can serve to increase cash flow when existing rents are below current market levels, but also present a risk if the Sponsor finds it to be unexpectedly difficult to find new tenants. The Potential for Higher Returns.

Investment Outlook. The value-add strategy involves greater risk compared to core or core-plus approaches. Value-Add in America's Second Cities. Value-add properties may also be located in secondary or tertiary markets, which can be somewhat riskier than primary markets since, all else being equal, primary markets are more desirable for tenants and there can sometimes be less development competition there. In addition, get an umbrella insurance policy. It is also tax deductible. Investing in rental real estate has its tax advantages.

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If you are actively involved in your rental property business, you can claim business-related expenses such as the miles you drive, car depreciation, car insurance, cell phone charges, etc. If you manage your properties from home, you can even deduct part of your mortgage or rent, utility bills, etc.

You can read more about my discussion on tax deductions here. In addition to all the expense deductions, you can also elect to benefit from a non-cash deduction, which is the depreciation on your property or properties. Non-cash deductions mean that you get a tax break in form of a deductible expense without having to spend actual cash out of pocket.

How is that possible? The deduction would lower your taxable income, and essentially lower your effective tax rate. A lot of what I have learned through the years has been a result of practical experience being involved in the trenches.

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There is no better way to learn in my opinion than on the job training. That said, there are a handful of resources that I used which helped prepared me prior to me putting any skin in the game per-se. I have learned that all real estate books and I have read 14, of them really preach the same fundamentals but just in different angles. Pick up a few of these to start off, any of them, and let the material sink in. I made my first two investments after reading various books.

Value Investing in Real Estate

The following three resources however kicked things into HIGH GEAR for me, as I still refer to them today as continuing education material and resources whenever I start contemplating a new deal. Creative Real Estate Help — A very good soup to nuts, end to end real estate investing system. The program does a very good job training a newbie on how to walk the real estate ropes. I do recommend getting your feet wet with residential rental real estate first however before diving into commercial. These resources also advocate developing an expert support group, which today surrounds me and whom I reach out to when in need.

This group includes real estate attorneys, agents, brokers, negotiation experts, bankers, accountants, government officials and others. Sure there are other factors to consider in rental real estate investing which I have purposely not included to keep things simple and my point straight. You need to think about the time commitment and whether you have the ability to get involved in this type of venture. Like anything else except breathing, it is not for everyone. You need to consider the repairs and maintenance involved in rental properties, as well as potential vacancies or periods when your property is not rented out.

This is why I like to build a reserve as demonstrated earlier in my investing equation above. I am wrapping up this post as the flight attendant just made the announcement to turn off all electronic devices and stow them away. Ever noticed there is no consistency on when they tell you to do this?

Sometimes it is five minutes prior to landing, and sometimes it is twenty-five. I sometimes wonder if it even matters? Scrolling back up to what I have managed to include in this post, I hope I have been able to clearly explain the concept of value investing in rental real estate properties. The subject is obviously vast and there is much more to learn if you are interested in pursuing this venture. The resources above will certainly help you do so.

Readers: What are your thoughts on value investing in real estate? Do you have another approach which you recommend? You write this all on a 2 hour flight mate? If so, impressive! PErhaps inflation will finally come one day. BTW, what is your Twitter handle? Perhaps you can incorporate that in your tweet button when I or others tweet your posts?

I tried incorporating the Twitter handle once before based on your comment in the past and apparently failed at it. I just used Value Investing in Rental Real Estate Properties as the title in my bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like to see it bookmarked the same way.

Very interesting post.

I have never seen that anywhere on the west coast at least. So you put each individual property in their own LLC each with separate bank accounts? Our estate lawyer says LLCs dont hold up for protection and umbrella policy does just about the same thing and just have them in a trust. I have a trust as an umbrella entity.

I would be lucky to ever find a 10x gross rent that was habitable and in a reasonable location on the west coast. I like looking at gross rent multipler initially because estimating cap rate or cashflow has so many variables for each property. I look at minimum current positive cash flow the day after purchasing and renting it out — in theory. Sunil, Great blog post. If you had to pick just one resource of the 3 you recommended, which one would you pick?

I got into more specialization later on. Thanks for the tips about credit repair on this particular site. The thing I would tell people is always to give up a mentality that they buy right now and fork out later. As being a society many of us tend to make this happen for many things. This includes vacation trips, furniture, as well as items we wish. While you are working to fix your credit score you have to make some sacrifices. For example it is possible to shop online to save cash or you can click on second hand suppliers instead of pricey department stores to get clothing.

Investing in real estate properties is really one of the best ways to have great return of income. Though the industry has its own share of ups and downs, clients can still decide on how they will deal with their investments.