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What om means in yoga ?
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The Power of the Seed Mantra OM! -

It is considered to be the sound of the creation of the universe. The sole purpose of chanting Om during meditation is to internalise all your energies and create a oneness amongst them.

The repetitive chanting of Om makes you feel in unison with yourself and the universe. Repetitive chanting of Om unites the energies inside your body and forms a single powerful entity that gives you better perception and makes you think about life and the energies around yourself. There is no doubt that it also unites our mind and body. Every single letter represents a hidden meaning behind it.


It is important to understand the benefits of these energies and to use them for the improvement of our mind and body. It is the sound of creation and it has a significant role in the creation of the universe.

It is also said that once you chant Om on a daily basis the conflict in your mind ends and you have a clear vision. It exhausts the war between your mind and your thoughts and unites them by giving them the same purpose. This episode is related to Spirituality.

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Show more. He speaks to the Director for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Shaunaka Rishi Das, who states that Meditation is something we all do from childhood, for example when we are focussing on something we want to buy and how to get it or when we kiss, but that it can be used for greater ends Richard meets neuroscientist Dr Alan Watkins of Imperial College who has worked with the Dalai Lama and his team in Tibet and found that people who meditate together showed signs of "entrainment" in their brain activity, the same phenomenon that allows flocks of birds or shoals of fish to move together.

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Why We Om When Opening & Closing a Yoga Class

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