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He sees his people laboring, and sees an overseer beating a slave — so he beats the overseer to death and hides his body. The next day, he sees two of his own people fighting — so he intervenes and talks to them, to calm them.

And he flees for some time; he goes to Midian, where he meets a priest named Jethro, marries one of his daughters, becomes a shepherd, has a son. But after years of living in this wilderness, he hears the call of God, from a burning bush: Go down, Moses, to Egypt, and tell the Pharaoh: Let my people go. What could go wrong? No, because Moses is not an idiot. He is not a superman. He is, in fact, a very ordinary man, and he argues with God. I am no-one, he says, why would anyone listen to me?

Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind?

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And what does Moses do? He musters his courage and goes down to Egypt, and he talks to his people, and they agree to follow him; and he arranges a general strike. Moses asks God, Why did you bring this trouble upon me? And with that ends the parasha. The story does not end with the departure from Egypt; it will be another three weeks before the Red Sea splits, and far longer until they reach the land of milk and honey.

This is not the story of a quick and easy victory. This is the story of a generation which was raised by their mothers to resist; the story of a man who, knowing that he was nothing special, also knew that he was called upon to stand up and be counted; the story of people who, despite their fear, despite the loss of their safety, of the things they knew in their lives, stood up together against the Pharaoh and were victorious in the end. For who still counts themselves a descendant of the Pharaoh?

Where are his alabaster palaces, his golden cups? The treasure of Moses is still with us, because his treasure was not gold, it was the freedom he won for us and the law he gave us. And if you think that Moses somehow became less revolutionary over time, or that this law was some ancient thing — read Leviticus 19 sometime.

These are, in short, the laws set down by the sort of person we would today recognize as a no-good troublemaker, a thug, a criminal. They are also what was given to us to remember, this week.

L.A. Asks Makers to Stand Up and Be Counted

These twelve brothers are the fathers of the Twelve Tribes of Israel; all twelve of them coming says, you, too, were there; this is not a story of some of us, it is a story of all of us. He also wanted us to stand up to people who made us feel bad, and I think that had a big effect on me.

He always said, if someone punches you, punch them back — he wanted me to know how to stand up for myself. I live with Kim, my stepmum and my uncle and my four younger brothers.

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Do you know what though? Now that I have done a few months out of school, I realise that she was right.

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  4. My brothers were getting their school stuff last month and I started to crave the routine and I think the safety of what I knew. In the majority, my teachers encouraged me. During my first year, an SNA told me that she could see me making it big.

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    She believed in me. If I had a chance to chat to my younger self today I would tell her not to care so much. No matter what you do in life, if you try to prove people right, another group of people are going to prove you wrong. If you try to prove them wrong, the other people are going to prove you right.

    The year to stand up and be counted? | Reputation Management | Lansons

    There is no pleasing anyone unless you are pleasing yourself. The only thing you can do in this whole world is not listening to what anyone says and make your own decisions. Growing up, I tried to please everyone, I tried to make everyone happy, but one thing that I have found is that the less you try to please people, the more peaceful your life becomes. Culture Night is a countrywide event which takes place on Friday, September There are free events taking place with something for everyone. Pick up a brochure or culturenightcorkcounty. Despite housing crisis there's a hunger for architecture like never before.

    How to make your own sustainable festive wreath for Christmas. Pussycat Dolls reunite with risque performance on X Factor: Celebrity. Karim Zeroual scores first perfect Strictly score during quarter finals. Roy Hodgson ready for renewed Wilfried Zaha transfer battle.