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Salvaging can take several weeks for larger ships. Here is how it’s done.
  1. Lake Superior Shipwrecks Along the North Shore
  2. What Are the Causes of Shipwrecks Throughout History? | It Still Runs
  3. Lists of shipwrecks

Chose one of the 3 ships below to research:.

Lake Superior Shipwrecks Along the North Shore

You will work together with a partner to learn all that you can about your ship. At the end of the web quest you will be expected to turn in a short book which should include the following:. Extra Credit: Make a timeline of events that occurred between the time your ship sank and when it was discovered and rescued from the water by divers, or a timeline of events during the life of the ship.

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Be creative and have fun! It looks at some of the crew members onboard and gives a good visual representation. Talk to crewmembers, see where they stayed on the ship, and tour a 3-D model!

What Are the Causes of Shipwrecks Throughout History? | It Still Runs

Click on the Explore the ship link, and find out about the food, pastimes, and clothing of passengers on board! Find out where items were stored and the names for different sections of the ship! Click on the links on the left side of the page to learn more about the disaster, captain, a timeline of events, the torpedo, and even the passengers on board! Click on the links to the left.

10 Strangest Shipwrecks

The Black Sea project has been interesting to researchers because it reveals building techniques going as far back as ancient Greece. And it shows globalization is old news.

Lists of shipwrecks

Skip to navigation Skip to content. Nevertheless, the loss of 1, passengers, including Americans, would eventually serve as casus belli for U.

Rare Viking Ship Lies Buried in Norway, Radar Suggests

Maritime traffic has played a vital role in the growth and development of Southeast Asia, and ferries transport hundreds of millions of people throughout the region each year. Accidents have been far too common an occurrence, however; in the 21st century alone, international regulatory agencies documented some 17, fatalities as a result of ferry sinkings in Southeast Asian waters. Despite clear visibility and relatively calm seas, neither ship gave any indication that it was aware of the other.

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The collision ignited the 8, barrels of oil and gasoline on the Vector , and both ships were quickly engulfed in the blaze. Of the more than 4, passengers and crew on both ships, just 26 people were rescued from the oil-slicked waters. The ocean liner carried holidaymakers on cruises of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and, with the outbreak of World War II in , it was converted into a hospital ship.

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  6. It later served as a floating barracks and, in the closing months of the war, was called upon to evacuate German troops and civilians from East Prussia ahead of advancing Soviet armies. By that time, in accordance with the laws of war, the Wilhelm Gustloff had shed the white paint and red crosses that had marked it as a noncombatant, and the presence of troops on board and antiaircraft guns on deck made the ship a viable military target.

    Refugees streamed into the port of Gotenhafen now Gdynia, Poland in the hopes of escape, and thousands crowded onto the Gustloff. Built to accommodate 1, people, the ship left port on January 30, , carrying an estimated 10, Just after PM that evening, three torpedoes fired by a Soviet submarine slammed into the port side of the Gustloff.