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What is an interdict in Scotland?
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interdict - Dictionary Definition :

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Interim Interdict

Forbidding and banning things. Translations of interdict in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?

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  • Dictionary of the Scots Language:: SND :: interdict.
  • La Cruche (Collection théâtre t. 18) (French Edition).
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Roman Catholic Church An ecclesiastical censure that bars an individual, members of a given group, or inhabitants of a given district from participation in most sacraments. Roman Catholic Church RC Church the exclusion of a person or all persons in a particular place from certain sacraments and other benefits, although not from communion.

Law civil law any order made by a court or official prohibiting an act. Historical Terms Roman history a. Ecclesiastical Terms to place under legal or ecclesiastical sanction; prohibit; forbid.

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Military military to destroy an enemy's lines of communication by firepower. Switch to new thesaurus.

To refuse to allow: ban , debar , disallow , enjoin , forbid , inhibit , outlaw , prohibit , proscribe , taboo. A coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity: interdiction , penalty , sanction. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? If one of these numbers which you interdict be the true answer to the question, am I falsely to say some other number which is not the right one?

Definition of 'interdict'

View in context. Casaubon's codicil seemed to him, as it did to her, a gross and cruel interdict on any active friendship between them. We met, after I had brought home little Miles, more intimately than ever on the ground of my stupefaction, my general emotion: so monstrous was I then ready to pronounce it that such a child as had now been revealed to me should be under an interdict.