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Furthermore, no Jew would ever ascribe that name to anyone other than God. Jesus had been talking with them about Himself, revealing to them that those who obeyed His teaching would never die. And the prophets died, too.

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Who do you think you are? Abraham and the prophets, like Moses and Elijah, were the superstars of the Jewish religion. Furthermore, Abraham and Moses had lived hundreds of years earlier. You are not even fifty years old. The intense response of the Jewish leaders answers that question.

They had no doubt that Jesus was claiming deity, which is evident by their reaction: they picked up stones to kill Jesus. They realized He was claiming to be the God who spoke with Moses.


That leads to the question: are there other Scriptures that reveal Jesus as Yahweh? It is clear from these Scriptures that God Yahweh alone is worthy of worship. That is why the Jews were so incensed at Jesus. How could this man standing before them claim to be the very God who spoke with Moses on Mount Sinai?

Chapter The Prophet Moses

The most astounding truth ever revealed to man is that these very same titles, describing Yahweh, are attributed to Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Jesus is the one spoken of as both the Savior for our sins, and the returning King in the last days. In the last days, the Jewish people, who rejected Jesus, will see that He is really Yahweh! Yahweh will physically rescue them in the last days when Jerusalem is under siege see Zechariah Something very dramatic and shocking will strike those who witness Yahweh descending on the Mount of Olives.

Even more shocking to them will be His wounds.


They will look at me, the one they have stabbed, and they will cry like someone crying over the death of an only child. One would expect those Jews being rescued to be overjoyed. Yet the prophet tells us they will be sad. It is because they will recognize the Messiah their forefathers had rejected and condemned to the cross: Jesus Christ. He will be recognized by the wounds he suffered on the cross when He died for our sins.

Jesus came the first time to die. He is coming the second time to judge and reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Jesus will judge His enemies, and reward His children. Was There a Da Vinci Conspiracy? Jordan, Steven M. I would like to indicate also my appreciation for the late Geerhardus Vos, and for Rousas J. Rushdoony, whom I have not met personally, but who introduced some of the ideas that led to the present discussion.

My apologies are extended to them for any way in which I may have underestimated the insights of their positions in the past—or even in the present book.

Jeremy Marrone - Finding Jesus in the Old Testament: Moses

The more I have worked on these issues, the more I have appreciated their depth. This book is dedicated to the Jews and to my children, Ransom and Justin, to whom God has given through Moses a most wonderful story in pictures. When I was a teenager, an older Christian woman learned that I had read the entire Bible during the preceding year. I knew what she meant. Parts of the Old Testament were difficult for me too.

Somehow the Lord had given me sufficient motivation and interest to read the whole Bible. But how was I to help her? And how could I learn to appreciate the difficult parts better myself? What were she and I supposed to be learning from Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy? I did not learn the answer until years later. The answer came to me through another story, not the story of my life but the story of two other people with struggles like my own.

Don Stewart :: What Was Jesus' Relationship to the Law of Moses?

Long ago in Palestine two disciples of Jesus were walking along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus Luke A stranger joined them. He asked them about the things they had been through, and they began to explain. They were heartbroken because the master and friend in whom they had put all their hopes was dead.

But the stranger said some strange things to comfort them. They did not understand the Old Testament. And so the stranger helped them to understand. The stranger, of course, was Jesus Christ, the master teacher of the Old Testament. What did Jesus tell those two disciples? We do not know the details. Even before Jesus was finished, and even before he revealed who he was, a remarkable transformation began to take place in the hearts of the disciples. Later on Jesus appeared to a larger group of his disciples. He continued teaching along the same line:. Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.

You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high. What do these Scriptures really say? The whole Old Testament finds its focus in Jesus Christ, his death, and his resurrection. A great heritage awaits us in the Old Testament. But how do we unlock it? Christ himself is the key that unlocks the riches of the Old Testament. Let us see how. First of all, Christ is the all-glorious Lord, the only Son of the Father, who from all eternity beholds the Father face to face, who is with God and who is God John Every word of the Old Testament is the word of God himself 2 Tim.

Second, the Old Testament teaches us about Christ. Such is one main implication of the story in Luke Christ is the focus of the message of the Old Testament. He is the one to whom it points forward, about whom it speaks, and whom it prefigures in symbols. Third, Christ not only instructs us but establishes communion with us through his word.

We abide in Christ as his word abides in us John As the Holy Spirit works in our hearts, we find that we are meeting Christ and he talks to us very personally through the Bible, including the Old Testament.